The SOMA Sessions

On this page you will find a brief description of the 11 Soma Sessions.

Session 1

Focus: Free the tissue surrounding the ribcage and lengthen the lower back.

Result: Feeling of lightness and well-being, a more upright posture and fuller, deeper breathing.

Session 2

Focus: The body's foundation, the lower legs and feet.

Result: Feeling of firmly grounded and in touch with reality.

Session 3

Focus: Lengthen the sides of the body and free the shoulders.

Result: Expand breathing, greater relaxation and more immediately available engery.

Sessions 4, 5, 6

Focus: Adjust and lengthen the body's vertical center line, or core.

Result: Better balance and freedom of movement. Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended.

Session 7

Focus: Release the muscles of the neck, face and head.

Result: More softened, relaxed appearance in the face. Increased self-reliance and personal power.

Sessions 8, 9, 10

Focus: Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner.

Result: Less stress and more energy as the body's structure is better aligned with gravity.

Session 11

Focus: The arms, the movement of energy through the arms and down the back.

Result: Increased rotary function. Energy moving through the elbows, shoulders, scapula to sacrum. Arms swing relaxed.