The following are testimonials from some of our clients. We hope that in sharing them, you may discover some ways in which Soma can help you achieve health and wellness!

Cheyenne MacKeige

Through massage bodywork combined with the EMF balancing technique, Natasha has unlocked something in me that allowed me to continue healing myself using the power of psychosomatics and relaxation. Her calming nature and body awareness cut right through my inherent spiritual skepticism and those sessions are now truly an oasis in my hectic life. The massages are so much more beneficial now because using the techniques taught during the EMF Balancing I can anticipate and prepare my body for receiving the massage. Thank you Natasha!

Laurel W.

Natasha is amazing! She is very nurturing and has a strong grasp on her technique as a massage therapist. I recommend her.

M. Cook

I had a fall and for 2 months my lower back hurt with every step. I had tried chiropractic and acupuncture treatments but the effects were very short-lived. The ache faded dramatically after my first session of SOMA. Immediately off the table, I walked differently. My weight felt balanced. After a second session, the pain was gone completely. I felt taller, straighter. Even my ribs felt less constrained so I could breathe more deeply. I was so relaxed. That night I slept a full 8 hours for the first time in almost a year.

Diane O.

I never slept so well after a treatment before. It was what we all look for in a massage session but very rarely receive. I completely surrendered and somewhat disconnected from my body, the discomfort, that I was feeling from my sore muscles and achey joints. Natasha is not just a skilled and nurturing practitioner but an appointed healer! I'm very fortunate to have met Natasha, as my success in my career could be owed in part to receiving Soma massages from her! Thank you!

Nathaniel Phillips

I am pragmatic and sensible, as such, am also skeptical of "non-traditional" healing techniques. Natasha, however, not only has a clear and deep understanding of physiology, but also is a true spiritual healer. I think it is simply her true nature to sense what is needed to heal and care for another with a joyful, non-significant attitude. The value of her work far exceeds the cost. If one is willing to commit to a series of sessions with her, I can attest to getting real, tangible results

Florence Harvey

Natasha was my first massage therapist when I moved to Seattle seven years ago and has remained my massage therapist of choice ever since (after several times I foolishly wandered away). She is gifted in Soma massage as well as Swedish massage (my two favorites), but she listens to your requests and customizes each massage to meet your specific areas of need at that moment. I love her work and can't get enough of it!

Kimber Dodge

Natasha is dedicated, outgoing, warm, sensitive, and caring - and a great massage therapist. She came to us when we needed an involved, and interested care provider for our then two year old daughter. We got that, and more - Natasha is an outstanding massage therapist who has helped through many a serious physical crisis, as well as a caring friend.

Dayna J. Reid

Natasha is a very skilled and talented Massage Therapist. Her detailed knowledge of the body and massage technique, allow her to obtain results that are rare in her industry.

Melinda Maxwell, DC

Natasha is a wonderful Soma Practitioner/LMP. Our patients love her! She is now working at Chiropractic Wellness Centers at Newcastle. We are so happy she has joined our team!

Terra Vita

Natasha Cottingham puts her heart and soul into a thoughtful and nourishing massage. She really cares and you get the benefit. I am currently going through the Soma series and it is fantastic.